We carry a Message of hope and a promise of freedom

Help Addict is a halfway house that equips our residents with the necessary tools of recovery that they will use once they are reintegrated back into society to maintain their recovery throughout their journey of life

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What We Do

Halfway House

Halfway House is where an individual would be booked into the facility, for a period no less than two months and no longer than a year, they would be assessed by a qualified counsellor and a treatment plan would be drawn up to focus on the core issues of the residents dependency problem.

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This is an alcohol or drug treatment program where the individual attends treatment in the evenings, as not everyone can afford a residential treatment program . Similarly, many people have to many responsibilities to simply drop everything and enter into an inpatient care centre.

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The Recovering addict would meet for a one-on-one session per week with a qualified addiction counsellor, who assist’s them based on a treatment plan with the core reasons for their addiction problem as well as to handle crisis intervention and guide the individual to a life of sobriety.

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Who We Are

Adrienne Dodds

Addiction Counsellor
An accredited Addictions Counsellor with the Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa (Member 2123332 ).
Registered as an Institutional Counsellor with the Council of Counsellors (Member IR 101 60).

Richard Gale


James Donovan

Managing Director & Program Facilitator
BAPSA approved member.
Membership number M9893873


1 Ebbehout Street,

House Manager
James Donovan
Tel: 087-151-4552
Cell: 079-812-4467